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It’s time to finally discover the best version of your skin! You no longer have to choose between natural ingredients and the effectiveness of advanced technologies. Choose the 6-step Dermation ™ Active Treatment, which combines the power of highly concentrated active ingredients with the innovative, regenerative TransDermalPoration technology.

Why Dermation™?

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that's how much dermo cocktail we supply to your skin during one treatment


is the minimum number of active ingredients participating in facial treatment


this many independent studies have confirmed the effectiveness of our active ingredients


is the amount of treatments that you need to see clear effects of regeneration on your skin

6-stage advanced skin regeneration program

Dermation ™ Active Treatment is a skin therapy and holistic approach that will take care of even the most demanding skin. The whole procedure begins with a digital skin analysis to perfectly match the treatment to your needs.

Natural cleansing

In the Dermation ™ treatment, care begins at the cleansing stage, which is why we select the ingredients for our cosmetics to care for your skin from the very beginning of therapy.

Subtle exfoliation

At this stage, we stimulate your skin to prepare it for the injection of active ingredients. We exfoliate and cleanse it of sebum and accumulated impurities that cannot be removed at the stage of makeup removal and skin cleansing.

Active phase

This is the heart of Dermation ™ Active Treatment. Thanks to the patented technology, we create intensive reorganisation and formulate special transport channels through which we inject up to 70 ml of dermocosmetics rich in active ingredients, peptides and valuable extracts filling the skin from the inside.

A stimulating relax

Time for a relaxing massage, which, in addition to general relaxation, is aimed at reducing the facial tension and provides additional lifting stimulation.


This phase increases the penetration of active ingredients, i.e. an organic algae mask that regenerates and calms the skin. The mask is always selected individually to the type and needs of your skin.

Organic FINISH

To complement the entire procedure, use our Organic Series dermocosmetics with an innovative formula and unique lamellar structure that mimics the structure of the skin, thus providing natural protection and reconstruction of epidermal defects.

Highly concentrated organic active ingredients

We know that your skin deserves the best. That is why we have developed a series of cosmetics based on innovative and fully natural formulas. We have developed them based on the highest quality certified ingredients using the most advanced technologies. All this to ensure maximum operation and immediate effect. Organic Series dermocosmetics can also be used at home – as an extension of professional therapy.

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Facial therapies

During individual stages, we select products for the individual needs of your skin to make sure that we provide it with what it really needs. In addition, when your complexion is struggling with many problems, we do combined therapies acting locally with a dedicated preparation.

Click on the individual points of which Dermation ™ Active Treatment facial programs we have in our offer.



It improves the condition of mature skin, restores flexibility and elasticity, smoothing mimic wrinkles.

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Sealing of blood vessels

Seals blood vessels, has anti-swelling effects, improves blood circulation. It prevents short and long-lasting redness.

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Acne treatment

Intended for acne skin with inflammation caused by anaerobic Propionibacterium acne bacteria.

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Controls the degree of hydration at the cellular level and the flow of water in tissues. Affects the binding and retention of moisture in the skin.

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Reduction of stains and discoloration

Reduces the appearance of age-related dark spots, discoloration, freckles and other skin pigmentation disorders.

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Hair revitalization

It reduces hair loss, stimulates their growth and increases their elasticity.

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Why choose Dermation ™ Active Treatment?

Results confirmed scientifically
Treatments available all year round
No reconversion and side effects
Organic formula of dermocosmetics

Reduction of scars and stretch marks

Stimulates collagen synthesis visibly reducing stretch marks. It works shrinking and shallows on deep scars. It has antioxidant properties and inhibits elastin degradation, demonstrating elasticity and tightening.

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Strong firming

Restores skin’s lost firmness, reducing sagging, and further strengthens the internal structure. It also increases the synthesis of the structural components of the skin-epidermal junction, improving flexibility and firmness, and remodeling the figure.

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Slimming and cellulite reduction

Activates lipolysis, helping to reduce body fat. It prevents the formation of new fat cells, reduces the accumulation of lipids in adipocytes and stimulates the breakdown of existing fat cells.

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Body therapies

TransDermalPoration ™ technology offers the possibility of conducting therapy in various parts of the body, including buttocks, abdomen, thighs, and even the scalp and hands.

Click on individual points to view all Dermation ™ Active Treatment programs for the body.


Acne reduction
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Hair revitalization
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Acne reduction
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I have been struggling with acne for a long time, I also visited many doctors, but I still had a problem with scars and blackheads that formed all over my forehead. Only after the treatment did I start to notice significant changes and finally I have a smooth forehead, and the effect persists.
I decided to have Dermation treatment on my stomach to get back into shape after pregnancy. After a series of treatments, the skin became more smooth, firm and stretch marks became very shallow. I recommend to all women who are struggling with a similar problem.
After the Dermation treatment, I experienced an incredible hydration and firming of the skin. In addition, the skin gets brightened beautifully, so I often go for a treatment before an important night out - the skin looks much younger, the makeup looks prettier (not getting stuck in the fine lines and wrinkles) and my mood is great!

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